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Katana-Ra: Core Rule Book

$ 49.99

   Katana-Ra is a new and unique RPG that brings cyberpunk and the ancient Japanese world together in an amazing experience you won’t find anywhere else. Inspired by feudal Japan, Kanata-Ra is ruled by clans and factions, split by their differences over classic beliefs and futuristic technology. In Katana-Ra, you can explore a rich and detailed world where anything is possible. Customize your samurai with powerful augmentations, choose your allies from among the many factions vying for control, and master magic to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies.

     You can be whoever you want to be in Katana-Ra. With so many choices for how to play, there’s something for everyone. Will you follow the traditional samurai path or will you enhance your body and mind? Be careful how far on any chosen path you tread, for in Katana-Ra ancient demons haunt the most cutting-edge tech. For 2-5 players, led by a Shujin (game master), the Katana-Ra Role-Playing Game is both a campaign setting and ruleset in one book. Easy to learn, this Core Rule Book includes all the details needed to create multi-layered characters and engage in campaigns with elaborate aims. Whether you trust in the sword or augment yourself into something more than human, Katana-Ra offers players a variety of game play styles.