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Jaunty Jalopies 2: Motoring Madness!

$ 19.95

Motoring Madness is the sequel to Jaunty Jalopies, One Small Step's card game of madcap auto racing in the Roaring 20s. Motoring Madness may be played by two to four Players. Adding another set increases the number of possible Racers to six. The game depicts the danger and hijinks of a fictitious automobile race circuit during the Roaring 20s.

Each Player takes the role of one of several Racers, each with Special Abilities derived from his or her personality, skills, sidekick, and automobile.

The artwork is black and white photography of period autos and actors portraying the action of each card, giving players in the feel of a being in a silent movie. May be combined with another set of Motoring Madness or a Jaunty Jalopies set.

67 Full-Size Playing Cards
Six Character Sheets
Four Racer Pawns
Four Hero/Villain Tokens