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Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin (Savage Worlds) PDF

$ 15.00

This is a PDF product. Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin is your definitive guide to oriental adventure in the mythical lands of Konoyo — a land wracked by war, abandoned by the gods, and assaulted by mysterious supernatural forces. Honor is all but lost. Will you seek to restore the Bright Empire, or revel in the opportunities this new age brings? About Konoyo The Known World is comprised of nine provinces, each with a unique personality all its own — from the twisted imperialism of Ikusa Kokoro, the hedonism of Hinote Shima, to the dark honor of Karasu Rokku. Oriental Action! Savage Style For the Player Over eighty New Edges enable you to design the Hero you wish to play. Will you be the Onmyoji who seeks to master magic and the elemental forces? The Ganso who heralds in the new age of the machine with every gear he crafts? The Ninja who uses his stealth to slay unseen? Or the Warrior who carves out his destiny by developing his own fighting style? Choose one of the included Paths, or use them to inspire your boundless imagination. For the Sensei Details of the world are at your fingertips, with every locale on the Map delineated. Seven Campaign Frameworks with accompanying Story Arcs enable you to get a game going right away. Robust Adventure and Creature Generators, along with a complete section on People and Beasts found in Konoyo, leave you wanting for nothing. This setting requires the Savage Worlds core rulebook for play.