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Earthdawn: Iopos - Lair of Deceit

$ 31.99

  Our Beacon, Our Light, Our All. Founded by the tribal clans of the Iopa plain, the city of Iopos was long considered a minor power in Barsaive. Even after the Scourge, the city’s harsh justice and devotion to Uhl Denariastas was seen as strange, but not overtly dangerous. After all, the Long Night had many consequences. But when a Denairastas agent assassinated King Varulus III of Throal, the true extent of the Iopan threat was revealed. The Holders of Trust has eyes and agents across Barsaive. Gathering information. Pitting neighbor against neighbor. Manipulating events to bring the province under Uhl’s control. This sourcebook for Earthdawn dives into the enigmatic home of the Denairastas clan. Learn the history and customs of the people who live there. Explore the Ministries that control every aspect of public life. Uncover the secrets of the Holders of Trust and their nefarious masters. You must know your enemy to defeat them. That knowledge can be found in Iopos: Lair of Deceit.