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Interceptor: Core Set

$ 99.99

    Interceptor is a game of space fighter combat for two or more players.  Interceptor is set in the Aetherstream universe where the Terran Commonwealth once unified all humanity.  Following the Vanishing, in which the Earth and it’s solar system simply disappeared, panic and greed took hold.  Now the last remnant of the Commonwealth is trying to reclaim its past glory.  The Callistonian Empire, led by its enigmatic Imperatrix, is the first target of this renewed aggression.     In Interceptor, the fighter is the main space superiority weapon and their pilots are the holovid heroes of the day.  The fast paced mechanics enable quick skirmishes of just a few fighters to large battle with entire squadrons to be played out quickly.  The Maneuver Template provides for quick movement and show what it will take for a daring pilot to push the limits of their fighter and themselves to get that perfect shot.  Cards for the fighters and their pilots make the game easy to track and play.  The fighters measure 1 ½” to 2” in length and the game is played on a 1 ¾” hex grid.

     The basic box contains all that is needed to play including: 192 page full color rulebook; 2 23” x 34” star field hex mapsheets; 2 Maneuver Templates; 10 Unique Terran Commonwealth fighters in gold with stands; 10 Unique Callistonian Empire fighters in purple with stands; 20 Fighter Record cards; 35 Pilot Record cards; 20 10-sided dice; 1 6-sided die; 35 full color reference tokens and 2 dry erase markers.