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Inhabitants of the Dark: Savage Drow (Legend)

$ 12.99

Enter the brutal world of the Savage Drow in this new supplement.

The savage drow are a civilized race that favour strength above all else. Those that are weak are not fit to live and are dealt with as shameful by their families. Fighting is encouraged and games of subtly are seen as shameful. This does not mean that these typical actions of the drow do not happen they are just less frequent.

In side you will find the Savage Drow fully stated out with 11 new Savage Drow only Heroic Abilities and 2 new professions.

Also are 9 new heroic abilities, 4 houses and 6 factions. There are 6 new gods each with their own blessings and curses, 8 new demonic and devilish blessings, new armour and weapons, 5 new spells, 4 typical Savage Drow cities to put into your campaigns, and two new monsters with new animal spirits.