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Part-Time Gods: Infinite Sparks

$ 29.99

     Infinite Sparks, A Part-Time Gods Second Edition Companion. The challenge facing modern gods may seem impossible, but nothing could be further from the truth. To win, one must look within for new tools and unlock the hidden potential within. They’ll find more strength than the Old Gods ever possessed through the infinite displays of Sparks in our universe. Infinite Sparks, A Part-Time Gods Second Edition Companion is a tome of brand new options for players and Game Masters alike, featuring a slew of new Choices to reflect a god’s mortal and divine lives, as well as the mythical Soulbound Relics. How to handle dramatic tension and in-pantheon relationships in your game. More mortal Choices, such as new Archetypes and Occupation, and Unique Individual, Group, and Landmark Bonds. Additional divine options, bringing new Worshipper types, Divine Allies, Several Relic Creation rules, and even 9 Brand new Theologies. New Optional rules for Free Time, Wealth, and Bonds. Rules for including living artifacts, Soulbound Relics, into your game. It also includes updated random character creation tables, combining all options from both Infinite Sparks and the Part-Time Gods Second Edition Corebook!