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Inferno: Inferno RPG - Corebook

$ 13.00

Challenge Evil in its truest form as you brave the unspeakable horrors of the Inferno. Dare to explore the nightmarish realm of the Fallen Angels. Scour the Netherworld as a priest in search of innocent souls that have been abducted by the forces of evil. Quest for ultimate power as dread Necromancer, bending Hell itself to your will through dark magic. Struggle as one of the Damned in desperate effort to redeem your soul. Tear a bloody path through the Legions of Hell as a hungry Demon clawing your way to the top. Brutal and comprehensive combat rules
160 spells from the spires of Heaven and the pits of Hell
Create and weild magic items of your own design
Dozens of bloodthirsty life-threatening monsters
All of this and the Lords of Hell!