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Immersive Battle Maps Vol 2: Future

$ 49.99

We have run out of stock for this item.

  • Use in cyberpunk, futuristic, and sci-fi settings as well as fantasy
  • 30 hand-drawn maps create a fully immersive environment filled with hazards, treasures, and secret areas
  • 3 massive center fold-out maps
  • Stop drawing maps, get straight to playing
  • Huge play surface for endless encounters
  • Lay flat binding to create seamless adventures on every map
  • Extremely durable, water-resistant
  • Wet and dry erase for custom map modifications
  • Usable with our static cling sticker packs

Our Volume II battle maps include maps to be used in cyberpunk, futuristic and sci-fi settings as well as fantasy.

 Each map is 17"x22" so two books are over 5 square feet of play space!

- 25+ full color common and interesting locations

- 3 Giant fold-out freighter ship maps

- pre-printed grid

- dry and wet erasable

- magic lay-flat binding, no coils, only flat