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Ikarion Gate: A LitRPG Adventure - Ikarion Isekai Anime Series Book 1

$ 29.95

  Ikarion Gate is an isekai LitRPG adventure novel – Book One in the Ikarion trilogy – that unfolds in BESM's Anime Multiverse setting and provides in-game BESM Fourth Edition stats for the characters. The novel follows the exploits of Tito, a down-on-his-luck and anonymous Imago slummer. Daily, he logs in to Monad’s Ikarion VR MMO to earn survival “gang protection” money in his alter ego identity as Card, the Hedge Merchant. With his fellow player friend Perk, the cheerful Agrarian Dwarf, and a host of other unlikely companions, Card is about to discover there is much more to the Ikarion game and its mysterious gate than he could have ever imagined.