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If Dragons Fight: China vs. Taiwan in the Near Future

$ 54.95

If Dragons Fight: China vs. Taiwan in the Near Future (IDF), is a "what if" simulation of the fighting that could occur across that island, within the timeframe of the next five or so years, if the mainlanders decide political or geostrategic conditions have evolved to where they must resolve the issue finally and by force. Such a situation would most likely occur if either or both the following two developments took place: 1) the Taiwanese officially declared their independence; and/or 2) the mainland Chinese learned the islanders had gotten, or were about to get, nuclear weapons.
     This is a two-player wargame of low-intermediate complexity that posits the critical ground-phase of this might-be war as lasting no longer than about two weeks. Such a campaign would most likely have to be preceded by a roughly equal period during which the mainlanders would use aero-naval bombardment to neutralize the ships and planes of the defenders--a long established prerequisite for oceanic invasions of this type.

Contents: One 22x34" map/playing surface; One sheet of 5/8" mounted, die-cut playing pieces; One rules book; Charts and tables; one Six-Sided Die; Game Box