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Horrors in the Night RPG

$ 29.99

The darkness lives, the darkness breathes....
In the dark of night, creatures emerge from the darkest corners to hunt you and feed on your screams. Welcome to the world that is not as you know it and to the Horrors in the Night! Welcome to the new horror rule set by Solace Games! Based off the OGC of the WEG d6 ruleset, this re-envisioned system offers a completely reworked character creation system that will help build your character's story with choices in background, education and profession to help create your back story before you took up arms against the ever encroaching night! Also included is an extensive list of Advantages, Disadvantages and Special Abilities, completely reworked spells from familiar OGC sources and a new sanity system with Shock Points for all those times your character sees what he was not meant to see! A complete RPG with a small bestiary to get your started. Dare you look into the eyes of the eternal night?