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Honour: Role-playing Game Core Rule Book (Hardcover)

$ 49.99

     Honour is a good-old-fashioned table-top RPG. It is played with pencils, paper and your imagination!  In Honour the RPG players take on the roles of seemingly ordinary citizens.  They have a life and a job, they have friends and family. Their lives however are about to become very unusual, anything but ordinary.  They are about to be introduced to the world behind the reality of everyday life.  They are about to meet the Inhuman, the super-beings on whom all of humanity's myths and legends are based.  They are about to become travellers in time and space, warriors in the eternal battle between law and chaos.  Integral to the game Honour the game is honour the concept.  A character will have different levels of honour in different social situations and this can directly influence the way that that other characters, non-player characters and the Inhuman will interact with that character. Generally speaking it is better to be honourable and to have others consider you so, than it is to exist in shame...

     HonourRPG uses  a simple system of task resolution with the game master (GM) setting a target level for a task the player trying to equal or best that target with a roll of the Honour Dice, a regular twelve sided dice marked 1-10 and then with two unique faces showing the symbols for Yin (Chaos/Life/Potential) and Yang (Law/Death/Consistency).  The character generation system allows the players to build a character with a diverse background, including both legitimate and criminal careers from which to gather skills.  Also included in these core rules are Sorcery and Technology creation systems which allow players to have their characters create unique spells and pieces of equipment which can achieve remarkable actions.  There is no limit to what can be created (although there is a limit to which characters actually have the experience to create such things).

     Ultimately HonourRPG is designed to let players and GMs build there own urban based, fantastic adventures the way that they want to.  The rules can be applied as completely as the group feels necessary but imagination and common sense are always the umbrella under which the play should take place.  So get your copy now and grab two or three friends and enter the other-world of HonourRPG.