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The Whole Hole (Volume 2) - Holy Crap: The Great Sects Change Operation

$ 39.95

     Presented in the celebrated Low Life “book within a book” style, Holy Crap: the Great Sects Change Operation follows gadabout Credulous Shmeckle as he explores Oith’s multifarious faiths, gawds, and holy rollers. This lavishly illustrated tome features more than 100 incredible religions, cults, sects, and creeds.  55 new monsters, six new playable character species, a horde of new Powers, Edges, Hindrances, Solids,and Snubs, as well as expanded jazz about contanimants, contanimators, contanimation, holy rollers, danged wrangling,  creatures of the danged, and a veritable reliquary of  remarkable snazz.