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Historia Rodentia

$ 19.99

A sourcebook for the Legend Roleplaying System, Historia Rodentia takes you to the world of the Brushfire wargame. Animals go to war in a twisted version of the 19th Century. For fans of history or parody, Historia Rodentia provides a unique and rich setting that is easily expanded with your favourite historical events!

In this sourcebook you will find:

• A Campaign Setting for Brushfire’s regions of Eutheria and Reptilia, alternate versions of Europe and the Middle East.

• Over 20 different playable species from 4 Nations.

• Over a dozen organizations including militaries, religions and technology firms.

• The Politics system, used to call in favours from your allies.

• The Exemplarism system, used to command soldiers in the field of battle.

• The Tactical Abilities system, replaces Magic and Heroic Abilities.