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High-Space Control Deck

$ 9.99

     The perfect upsell for High-Space!  The High-Space Control Deck gives players the essential rules for High-Space on handy, quick-reference playing cards.  High-Space Kickstarter Backers demanded this deck focus on the essential rules for lightning-fast starship combat: starship systems, weapons, tactical maneuvers and space fighting rules. With the Control Deck on the table, players can focus on the action and story, creating cinematic space battles with ease.  As a bonus, we’ve also included cards outlining the High-Space setting and the major alien species of the PanDominion.  The cards themselves are durable, solid, coated cards, and are delivered in an attractive deck box, both utilising art from the core rulebook and beyond.  The High Space Control Deck is the perfect tool for introducing newbies to the galaxy-spanning High-Space setting.