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Heroes of the Siwathi Desert (Pathfinder)

$ 14.99

Come to the Deserts of Siwath

  • Play as anpur, gnolls, zendiqi and a myriad of elemental-kin
  • Visit the mysterious City of Tombs, and explore the markets of the Tent City of the Grand Wazir
  • Study martial arts under a five spirits master (PRC), learn to bind genies (summoner), walk upon the guardian's path (psychic warrior), enter into the zendiqi traditions of mahdi or muhartik slayer, or become a pack lord of the savage gnolls in the desert.
  • Select from over a dozen new feats including fightning style extension feats.
  • Many treasures and secret lies hidden in the sands of the the siwath

The second book that begins to explore the Lands of Porphyra in depth.