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Heroes of the Advent Imperiax

$ 19.99

Come, if you dare, to the Advent Imperiax!
• Play as dhosari, erkunae, femanx, half-orc, human or squole!
• Visit the amazing alien cities of Myxhadriax the Supreme, Yhadri-Fhas the Technological Wonder, and Yhadri-Izhaaf the Decadent!   .
• Train as a faceless agent (prestige class), LostHome Outrider or Order of the Imperiax (cavalier), machine spirit shaman, metaphysical rogue, questioner (dread), primeval rager (barbarian) or sworn guardian (brawler).
• Select from 25 amazing new feats- psionic, racial and others!
• Marvel over a dozen new herbal remedies, drugs and poisons,
• Select from even more psionic powers, alien weaponry of the femanx, and a bewildering array of special technological armor, weapons, gear, and powerful vehicles!
• Check out the shops extensive equipment lists and make sure you pick up your ampule of zortaphen.
• And a full set of 7 NPCs, the most important people in the Imperiax, deadly, powerful, and important to know!
There are adventurer tools for everyone in the Advent Imperiax, if you are willing to risk it all.