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Heroes of Thargos Card Game Core Set

$ 39.99

 The Heroes of Thargos Card Game is built around factions and characters from the Cursed Empire TTRPG. Players battle one another using a simple-to-learn card resource management system to fight over a number of “mission tracks". ​The game allows players to develop their own play styles through the cards chosen for their decks without having to compete with a rarity system built into many collectible card games. The players choose how invested they wish to be in their decks through regular card pack releases and can construct their decks based on a variety of different play styles to achieve victory.​ The goal of the game is to acquire Victory Points through the completion of Mission Cards. Players will choose how many Victory Points they need to win based on the four Character Cards they choose to make up their team. Every Character Card is worth a number of Character Points, which not only signifies the estimated Power level of the Character Card, but also the number of Victory Points the player needs to win their match.The initial two-player starter box contains 136 cards with which players can build 2 legal starting decks. Like many other non-collectible card games, the purchase of two or more Starter Sets will allow for greater variability and is 'required' if players want to add the maximum number of some cards to their battle decks. 


The initial two-player starter box contains 210 cards with which players can build their starting decks:

  • 33 unique Cursed Empire Character Cards comprising key character types such as The Crimson Knight, Spider Darkun/Slayer, Cobra Sorceress, Kurnor Assassin and Karg Demon Summoner to name a few. 

  • 66 Mission Cards all set in the World of Thargos.

  • 56 Lasting Cards comprising Thargos minions, objects, weapons etc. 

  • 55 Action Cards comprising a host of Thargos creatures and player-driven events.