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Heroes of High Favor: Halflings (d20)

$ 9.95

Something turns up missing and all eyes immediately turn to the halfling. Are they an entire race of thieves, one and all, or are they merely misunderstood vagabonds, victims of their own wanderlust? Whatever the answer, it's clear that there is more to these half-sized heroes than meets the eye. Each HEROES OF HIGH FAVOR book contains a toolkit of additional feats, skills, concepts, and prestige classes to explore your race's favored class. HALFLINGS features background information and role-playing tips for ten unique halfling prestige classes, as well as new feats and new uses for old skills specific to halflings and rogues. Inside you will find: Cunning new feats. Specially designed for halflings and rogues.
Handy new skills. Lashworking, ropemaking, trapmaking, and more!
Clever new rules. Pickpocket knacks, halfling graffiti, and dirty fighting!
Ten new prestige classes. Explore every rogue multiclass combination.
Adventure. A complete introductory adventure for your new halfling rogue! HEROES OF HIGH FAVOR: HALFLINGS is the definitive sourcebook for halfling rogues of every kind.