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Heroes Inc, Mystic Pain, Mini-Game #65 PDF

$ 2.49

With a roar the dragon spat flames at the heroes, all of whom dived for cover.

“Any clues how we take this beastie down?” Called Iron Eagle as he took to the air, his great wings beating in mighty effort.  “To bad we don’t have a knight or two with us, “ Joked the Queen of Hearts as she took a swing at the scaled beast with her power staff. 

Mystic Pain is the latest in a series of linked scenarios for the Heroes Inc. game system.  Play these linked games and live through an issue from the Heroes Inc. comic.  See if your heroes can defeat the Mysterion before he takes over the world. 

Note that this is not a complete game, and will require that you have Heroes Inc. sets #1, #2 and #3.