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Hellfrost Adventure #09:Against the Elements PDF (Savage Worlds)

$ 7.50

Uncover the Power of the Ancients!

Before the Blizzard War, the Convocation of Elementalists had many schools of magic. Many of the remote schools were destroyed during the conflict, the great secrets they held thought lost forever.

Recently one establishment has been rediscovered, one which the Convocation would like explored and looted. For five centuries the school has lain untouched by the outside world, but it has not been completely ignored. Something lurks in the heart of the ancient school, something powerful, something which hungers...

...and it is not alone!

Are the adventurers destined to survive their foray into the lost school of magic, or will they struggle to survive Against the Elements?

Author: Paul Wiggy Wade-Williams

For Vetran level characters.

Page count: 28

Tech Note: Active EbookTM Some of the features of this ebook require Adobe Javascript. Please use Adobe Reader.