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Deadlands: Hell on Earth d20: Core Rulebook

$ 5.00 $ 19.99

Welcome to Hell!

Hell on Earth, that is. Pinnacle's long-runnnig, award-winning, earth-shattering sequel to Deadlands: the Weird West is now available in the D20 rules system! The year is 2094. The Last War ended 13 years ago when supernatural bombs blanketed the earth, killing billions and terrorforming the world into one vast Deadland. Then came the Reckoners, powerful beings that rampaged across the Wasted West, decimating the survivors of the apocalypse, then mysteriously vanishing across the Mississippi to parts unknown. Since then, humanity has stuggled to rebuild. The cities shudder beneath howling ghost rock storms, leaving only the wastes to the mutants and other scavengers who remain outside. It's once again a time for heroes. Players take on the roles of rad-slinging Doomsayers, vengeful Law Dogs, brain-burning sykers, technomagical junkers, righteous Templars or simply lead-slinging survivors. Only by warring against the darkness that surround them can these heroes hope to end this Hell on Earth. And they'd better hurry. Some say the Reckoners are about to return. Soon. Hell on Earth is a setting for the d20 System. It requires the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide to play.