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1879: Ha'Penny Pie Vol. 01 - Felonious Feline Filcher (Graphic Novel)

$ 19.99

Henry Hydesworth came into rather a tidy sum when his father met with an accident at the cannery. Bad news being, the old boy hasn't moved on, and neither has Henry's mother, so he's haunted by his parents quite literally. Small wonder he spends most of his time out of the house trying to be a detective. It's all much more interesting being a detective than running a fish cannery. Trouble is, he's not very good at either.

Henry's mother invites a neighbour round for tea, who has a problem. THe Fever turned her into a troll, eight feet tall, horns, the whole bit, and with the cats in the area vanishing mysteriously, rumours are circulating that her new form has come with a new appetite. She really needs Henry to prove where the cats are going before the whispers become a scandal and her reputation is damaged. Of course, the case has much more going on than a few missing cats, and as Henry tugs on the thread, all sorts of things begin to unravel. Pity Henry's such a poor knitter ... he's going to need all the help he can get. Fortunately, he has Smedley, his long time friend and also recent troll, by his side.

With original art and text by Don Higgins, the story spins through all manner of steampunk hijinks, social gaffes, awkward moments, and the occasional explosion.

Will Henry find out how the cats figure into all of this? Will his new disguise fool Smedley? Will Smedley ever tell Henry what he's really up to? AQnd how does Miss Emily Devereaux, the librarian Henry has long admired from afar, figure into all of this? It's a Ha'penny Pie! Easily put together, when you know what you're doing.