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Guildcraft (d20)

$ 5.00 $ 14.95

by Peter Leitch, Chris Maxfield, Mark Somers, and "Uncle" Wes Nicholson Until now, there has been little reason for adventurers to give guilds a second thought. While often seen as places to find goods and services or hirelings, guilds can form the backdrop for many exciting adventures on many fantasy worlds where power and prominence in shaping nations, cities, and cultures depends on the guilds and money. Much excitement and intrigue can lurk among the shadows and rooms of the guildhalls, as those with secrets and coins quickly lea... Guilds hold strengths and influences hardly available from dragons' lairs or the darkest of dungeons. Guildcraft details the powers and privileges of guild membership, as well as new knowledge and details on the underpinnings of your d20 worlds. Adventurers of every class and skill have new opportunities for both enlightenment and profit: What awaits you in Guildcraft?

  • More than 10 new class-based guilds
  • Three new skill-based guilds
  • Three social guilds perfect for hardcore roleplayers
  • The Collective (an adventurers' guild)
  • Complete rules for desgning new guilds for your campaign
  • Two new prestige classes perfect for super-charging guilds 96-pages, full-color.