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Graveyard Dash, Mini-Game #1 PDF

$ 4.99

Chuck just stood there and watched as old Mrs. Johnson crawled out of the fresh grave. She had been dead two days, but here she was, dragging herself out of her hole, red eyes hungrily staring at Chuck. Suzy screamed again, but Chuck barely heard his girlfriend's cries of horror as more of the waking dead shambled towards the two of them.

Maybe it was the odd, green colored comet that had hurled overhead a few hours ago, or the illegal biological and chemical weapons the government truck had spilled across the creek. Chuck thought it was the old voodoo woman's curse that had been placed on the town. Whatever the cause, the dead were walking again, and they were hungry for human flesh.

Coming out of his shock, Chuck grabbed Suzy's hand as the two of them began to run. If they could just get out of the graveyard, if they could just reach the gates at the far end of the grave covered field.

This is Graveyard Dash, a fun, fast game of Zombie mayhem, a race between walking dead and their human prey. Can the people trapped in the graveyard reach its gates and freedom, that is, before the ever-growing number of zombies drags them down.

The first of Avalon Game's Mini Games, this and other games like it will allow players to engage in fun, fast, easy to learn board games. Small and quick though, does not mean less fun. No, these games will take you into all sorts of gaming fun, so don't wait, get started today and have a blast of a time.

Everything you need to play is included with the game, counters, a full color map of the graveyard and a detailed set of rules. Don't wait, get a little horro in your life and race the zombies.