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Drown in Fire and Blood!

     After the Cataclysm sundered our world, reducing cities to ruins and bringing nations to their knees, a new threat unfurled its wings to cast a shadow upon our reality. In this spreading gloom caper demons, warped creatures, and horrifying monsters, all of which tear down what’s left of the world in preparation for the coming of their dark master, the dreaded Demon Lord.  Godless is a new setting expansion for Shadow of the Demon Lord, giving you all the tools you need to transform our own planet into the World of Fire and Blood. This book contains: Guidance for using Shadow’s ancestries in this new setting, plus a new take on the clockwork: the transcendent! More interesting things, training elements for novice paths, and strange new religions. New expert paths such as the preacher and road warrior. An assortment of spells useful for surviving in such a bleak setting. New weapons, armor, gear, and vehicles. New rules for building items from salvage, using automatic weapons, and handling desperate battles fought from speeding vehicles. Extensive advice for transforming our planet into your very own World of Fire and Blood. New relics such as the Boomstick and new creatures such as the steel skeleton and the unseen. With Godless, you have everything you need to adapt Shadow of the Demon Lord for play in a post-apocalyptic environment, letting the players create characters who scavenge the landscape for parts, food, and fuel, while fighting off hideous mutants, invaders from other realities, and, of course, demons. With this book, you’ll be able to explore a brand new world in the grip of the dreaded Demon Lord!