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Goblonia RPG

$ 49.99

   Be a Goblin! Build Your Crew! SMASH the Faetriarchy! Goblonia is a story-focused role-playing game about the hijinks of modern-day goblins pushing back against the rotten, evil Faetriarchy. Set in a ramshackle city, against the backdrop of an absurd war, this is a game of secret rebellion, chaotic missions, underhanded exploits, risky ventures, and random explosions.

     Your stories are destined to jump off the rails, burst into flames, and crash face first into the gutter. So buckle up and embrace the mayhem! Plot your plots, scheme your schemes, bribe your friends, thwart your enemies, skulk past spriggans, tangle with trolls, hound the hobgoblins, and stick it to Titania every chance you get!

     This stand-alone game book contains: Complete rules for playing and running the game. Seven goblin playbooks (plus two optional ones). Step-by-step guidelines for creating goblin characters. A unique, card-based resolution system (each player needs 1 poker deck). Full details about the city of Goblonia and its inhabitants. Loads of NPCs, plenty of monsters, and two starting missions.