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Goal-a-Minute Soccer

$ 10.00

The world's most popular sport comes to the gaming table in a totally unique way. The ebb and flow of "futbol" is captured in a very simple game mechanic that accurately represents the complexity of passing, ball control, and the strength of a strong goal tender. Never before has soccer been put into a dice game with easy to understand symbols, and variety of game situations. Goal A Minute Soccer uses 12 dice with special graphic symbol stickers that are rolled for an outcome that may turn you into the greatest scoring threat since Renaldo or Mia Hamm! The Minute Games line of sports dice games is quickly becoming the gaming choice for those looking for an easy-to-learn, fun-to-play version of their favorite sport. Using a unique dice makeup, these action packed games utilize many of the same features of each individual sport. No more sitting on the sidelines yelling at the refs! Put your strategy where your mouth is and let the dice determine the victor!