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Ghost of Winter (Novel)

$ 5.99

This book is brand new out of the case. However, please be aware that since it was printed over 2 decades ago the copy you receive may not be in pristine condition. As many of the covers stick together, some cover defects and blemishes may be present. We cannot guarantee or cherry pick a particular condition copy for you.


All his life, Sturm Kintaro wanted to be a MechWarrior. Now, he is one -- untested in combat, but eager to show his prowess and be transferred away from the backwater planet Kore. But he is about to get a bigger opportunity than he ever wanted when a band of interstellar pirates launches a surprise attack and takes control of the planet. After the rout, Sturm finds himself stranded in the frozen wastes of Kore with no 'Mech, no help, and no hope....

Until he stumbles upon a long-hidden secret, one that will help him prove himself a worthy MechWarrior. Now, Sturm must wage a one-man war against the invading force -- and resurrect a ghostly legend of Kore -- if he is going to save his people from annihilation.