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Gaslight Victorian Fantasy (5E)

$ 34.95

  Imagine a Victorian world, but not as history tells us it was, but as the literature implies that it was. Believe that the literature from the period were more than just stories, but instead first hand accounts of the events that happened in the world. Imagine a world populated by the lost boys of J.M. Barrie, the Beast Men of Dr. Moreau even tales of an immortal vampire named Dracula. Included in these are organizations bent of determining what is best for humanity, and they have launched a secret war against others so that only one will prevail. 

     In Gaslight you will find: A history of Gaslight Earth; Races detailed for Gaslight Earth; A Target-Number based Wealth system; Rules for Social Standing; Weapons and equipment from the Victorian era; A Reliquary containing a few artifacts from the history of the Earth of Gaslight; A detailed Gazetteer and Timeline.