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GameChef 2006: Second Helping

$ 4.99 $ 12.99

Our second volume in the award-nominated "Game Chef" series, this gives you another four complete RPGs by the best designers today: 1. Liquid Crystal, by Ashok Desai, the 2nd place GC winner
2. Time Traitor, by Brian Hollenbeck
3. Three Dooms, by Michael Sands
4. The Glass Bead Game, by Daniel Ravipinto Four games, 1 book, get it for the holidays! And, as a special gesture, both Technomancer Press and the authors are donating all their profits for this book to the "Child's Play" charity! Buy a book and help a kid. It's a good life. About the GameChef series: the 2 volumes are a collection of eight games (4 games per book) that were the winners & runners-up of the Game Chef 2006 contest. All 8 are stand-alone. Some of them are role-playing games, a few games require cards that you Xerox from the book, and another game plays like a board game and requires tokens of some kind.