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Game Changer: Alchemical Tools (PF2)

$ 15.95

  Contrary to what the average adventuring alchemist might want you to believe, alchemy is not just about blowing things up or brewing elixirs. Like most sciences, alchemy is a process of experimentation and exploration. Alchemy seeks to answer questions and solve problems, and adventuring has no shortage of problems! The Game Changers line of books from Fat Goblin Games offers new or expanded options for your Pathfinder Second Edition game that can range from Tiny tweaks to Gargantuan changes to how you play your game. In Game Changers: Alchemical Tools, you'll find a over 100+ new and expanded alchemical tools ranging from levels 1 to 20 to aid in your adventures. Avoid terrible acid burns with an alkaline neutralizer, keep your lanterns lit through the worst of hurricanes with sureburn oil, or keep that meat-headed ally's battered shield in working order with a rigidity reinforcer — no matter the situation, an alchemical solution is but one innovation away!