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Forgotten Foes (Pathfinder)

$ 29.99

For every light, there is a darkness...
For every hero, there is a villain...
For every adventurer, there is a monster...

Forgotten Foes is a 183 page sourcebook featuring both classic and all-new monsters for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. You'll find old favorites like the crypt thing and grick alongside newer Third Edition mainstays like the nightshades.

We've also combed through 3E compatible monster books to bring you new versions of the nefarious inphidians and dangerous sin dragons - just to name a few!

Each monster comes fully detailed and illustrated along with its own handy lore table for those knowledgeable adventurers who think they might be able to get an advantage before battle.

Over 100 monsters are waiting to see action in your campaign. Just open the cover, add plot, and allow Forgotten Foes to take your game to the next level!