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Forged (Novel)

$ 7.99

by Thomas M. Reid
For visitors to the Forge, arriving has always been far easier than returning home. But the moment Lyrien Vestiral is ripped unwillingly from his homeland from the woman he has pledged to protect and deposited in this strange, rich tapestry of a world, he intends to escape. The only problem is, someone in the Forge has other plans for him.

Seeking both a means of escape and the identity of those who would prevent it, Lyrien quickly finds himself a pawn in the plots of some of the Forges most conniving schemers.

As he struggles to disentangle himself from their subtle games, Vestiral becomes torn between a need to fulfill his duty back home and a growing bond with the mysterious, effusive world that is reshaping his very being, tempering him for a role that just might transform the land itself.

Forged is the first novel for the Oathbound setting, unveiling a tableau of the domains of the Forge that is rich as well as vast. Discover this unique setting and its enigmatic inhabitants through the eyes of a traveler struggling to find both himself and his way home and being forever changed by it.