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Folio Series No. 05: Battle at Lone Jack

$ 28.95

American Civil War: Both sides saw the other as "invaders," so the fight quickly escalated to one of extreme violence. The fight seesawed up and down the main street of Lone Jack, and when the rebels fired the Cave Hotel, a Yankee stronghold, their advantage appeared decisive. Foster now wheeled his only two artillery pieces forward, blasting the gray attack with double-shotted canister.
The Confederates owned the field as well as the dead. They quickly gathered the remains of the fallen, already spoiling under the torrid sun. Friend and foe alike they buried beneath the arching shade of the lone jack oak.
Contents: 1 24-Page Rules Book, 1 12-Page Exclusive Rules Book, 140 half-inch full-color, die-cut counters, 1 22x17 Map/Playing Surface, Charts and Tables, Pocket Folio