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Folio Series No. 03: Kandahar

$ 24.95

A game on the conflict in this province of southern Afghanistan, 2008-10. Players take the role of regional commanders (Afghan National Security Forces and Taliban, yes not the ISAF) striving for the resources to allow them to earn Victory Points, which are granted in accordance with objectives set them by the same higher authorities that provide them with those resources. Players will find themselves in the position of having, if they wish to continue to get high levels of support, to follow courses of action that are maybe not the most effective in opposing the enemy but are more valued by their superiors, and which themselves change from time to time during the game. When you run out of support, the game ends – the war continues but with a different regional commander!
Projected Contents: 1 12-Page Rules Book, 140 half-inch full-color, die-cut counters, 12 Objectives Cards, 1 17x22 Map/Playing Surface, Charts and Tables, Pocket Folio