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Fateforge: Legends of Eana Module - Netherworld Tunnels

$ 20.00

Far from the surface, deep into the bowels of the Netherworld, shadows shift eerily under the light of torches. In this strange land where even mushrooms seem hungry for prey, what creature may lurk beyond the next tunnel bend?

Hired to explore the subterranean galleries of Eana or trapped in the underground maze, the adventurers discover the Netherworld, its dwellers, its fauna, and its flora. Between rescue missions, hunting for netherpossums, or simply fighting for their lives, the adventurers will need cool heads and adaptability to make it through this extraordinary environment.

• Netherworld Tunnels is a collection of five adventures intended for characters of levels 2-8, powered by the rules of the 5th edition of the most mythical role-playing game.

• Standalone. The adventures featured within can be played as one-shots or easily slotted in a long-running game, whether for a short detour in the course of a campaign or as the beginning of a greater adventure into the Netherworld.

• Ready to play. The adventures of Netherworld Tunnels require the Adventurers and Grimoire books (or any other core book containing the 5th ed. rules) to be played. No other resources are necessary: all featured perils, creatures, optional rules, and magic items are described in appendices.

📘 64 pages, A4 format, soft cover