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Fate of the Norns: Seith and Sword

$ 29.98

Revenge comes on the black wings of seith magic. Steinarr the Neibelung is killed, leaving his thralls Vanadis and Gamli as sole survivors. When Steinarr’s nephew, Hardegon the Trusted, stumbles upon the gruesome remains, when he discovers the thrall’s Volsung roots; it rekindles an ancient feud.
Vanadis and Gamli flee Hardegon’s wrath, sailing on winds that take them from Phojola to the south eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. Their desperation mingles with Hardegon’s fury and they leave a swath of chaos in their wake.
Banished from Hunaland, loathed in Kalevala, hated in Danevirke, feared in Skane, the siblings gather a legion of foes. Their path crosses the likes of Queen Louhi, Bjorn Eriksson and Gorm the Old. All the while Vargeisa the Fire Wolf uses them to her own ends.
This is a tale of vengeance, justice, honor and family.The struggle of Gods and Jotun expressed in the mortal realm, during the last golden days of Harald Fairhair’s reign. The story of Vanadis the Cursed and Gamli the Serpent, a portent of darker things to come.