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Fate of the Norns – Horn of the Kraken

$ 29.98

The sun and moon have been devoured by the cosmic wolves casting the world into Fimbulwinter. Men prey on each other to survive. Into this world comes a war of brothers.
During the sword age of Ragnarok, the Viking apocalypse, a group of heroes must steal the Horn of the Kraken from Hakon, the bastard pretender to the throne of Norveig. This mighty and magical artifact summons a terror from the deep, and the current target is the longship fleet of Jarl Erik Bloodaxe!
Can a karl’s son unite a band of champions and face a threat that endangers the future of Midgard?
The Norns have decreed that he is to lead a Seith witch, who is plagued by ghosts, a near giant Galdr, with the power of the Runes, a Maiden of Ratatosk, mischief shield maiden who may be more trouble than she’s worth, and an Ulfhednar, wolf warrior and master hunter.
Follow this fellowship as they embark on an epic adventure filled with danger, political intrigue, love, monsters, alliances and betrayals.