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FARFLUNG: Science-Fiction Role-Play After Dark

$ 49.95

     In the vein of RED DWARF, RICK AND MORTY, FUTURAMA, LEXX, and other high-concept sci-fi on the down-low, the game of FARFLUNG casts you and yours in the roles of people living in the far future, where it’s no time like the present. From the human companion lost in time and without a clue, to a scientific genius full of ideas and mad with power … from a robot lost and discarded with no friends or family, to an indestructible immortal who lays entire cities to waste with but a gesture … the FARFLUNG worlds offer you an experience that go one step beyond your traditional role-playing. It’s time to reach the outer limits to find out what’s inside.

     With its Powered-by-the-Apocalypse rules system and its points-in-time relationships, FARFLUNG is an easy and simple introduction to bring new people to tabletop role-play… with a dynamic experience that keeps everyone involved in the action. Everything you do affects everything else, and while it may look like the universe is against you, you have friends to help. Let us turn you on the FARFLUNG experience, today.