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Fantasy Ships 2 PDF

$ 4.99

Even the proudest Warship must put into port from time to time. These waters are the domain of the coastal raiders. Coastal raiders are not as large or as far sailing as their high seas counterparts, but they are ideally suited for daring raids and fast escapes across shallow shoals.

Fantasy Ships of the High Seas gave role players a taste of sailing ships with an authentic flavor for their campaigns. Fantasy Ships II: Coastal Raiders, continues this theme. It presents ships from around the world (Earth or any fantasy world of your choice). Each captures the distinct flavor of a different culture; from the classic Scooner and Sloop to exotic the Viking Longboat and oriental Meng Chong. Even the seemingly fanciful Drow Submersible is inspired by the real world advantages and limitations of metal clad ships.

Ever ship includes complete, ready to play, game statistics. Plus, Coastal includes new rules for gunpowder weapons. So now the player characters can charge across the gang plank with a sword in one hand and a flint lock pistol in the other. Fantasy Ships II: Coastal Raiders is designed to complement the original Fantasy Ships, but stands on its own as a complete OGL supplement, requiring no knowledge of the original.

If you are looking for material for pirate campaign, or just want to include an authentic ship in a more traditional campaign, coastal raiders has what you are looking for.