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Fairyland RPG PDF

$ 9.99

This is not a story of life and death. Nor one of grim horror. It is not a story filled with forbidden arcane magic or vile. It is a story where you are the hero, and where everything is possible. Even the most mundane is extraordinary. So, where does it begin? 

Like any story: at the beginning, once upon a time…  It is time to leave the real world behind and return to the world of your childhood: Fairyland. A land where anything is possible and your imagination is your guide. From tiny smug black cats to little green dragons, and even yourself, now is the time for you to tell your story and be the hero you want to be. Richard Iorio (Colonial Gothic and Shadow, Sword & Spell) presents a game perfect for the whole family. Using simple mechanics, and allowing you to be anything you want, Fairyland stress one thing: imagination. So are you ready to visit the landscapes of your imagination?