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Faerie Bestiary (PF2)

$ 49.99

The Faerie Bestiary from Legendary Games brings you over 200 richly detailed and evocatively described monsters for Pathfinder Second Edition, drawing upon the myths and legends of the real world and throughout the history of RPGs. You’ll find nearly 240 incredible creatures from the Fey Realms both seelie and unseelie alike. You’ll find dragons of dreams, nightmares, and utter bliss alongside handmaiden devils, love-cursed erodaemons. This bestiary contains monsters from Challenge levels from 0 to 30 and nearly every creature type, plus appendices on fey-touched beasts and dreamscapes! The Faerie Bestiary is the perfect addition to any wilderness campaign or anywhere the fey have left their touch on the world. Enrich your Pathfinder 2 campaign with this incredible 304-page monster accessory today and Make Your Game Legendary!