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Fading Suns: Play Kit

$ 24.99

 The Right Tools for the Job Herein is a collection of fun and illuminating play aids to spice up any Fading Suns game, including: • Jumpweb Map & Central Play Mat: A large map of the jumpweb of the Known Worlds, which also serves as a central play mat for the victory-point well and troupe coffer. • Player Mats: 5 lushly illustrated table mats that each player and gamemaster can use to track their victory points and other resources. • Token Punch Sheet: Tokens to help players track their Revivals, Surges, and techgnostic Overload. • Action Booklet: A handy reference listing all the skill maneuvers, including physical combat and influence attacks and defenses. • Dramatis Personae: 16 illustrated characters presented with backgrounds and traits on double-sided sheets, usable as pre-generated player characters or NPCs of various levels. • Character Sheet Pad: A pad of double-sided character sheets.