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Fading Suns: Intrigues & Escapades

$ 34.99

 The Great Game Nobles, priests, and merchants constantly vie for supremacy in a variety of intrigues that inevitably lead to risky escapades — kidnappings, rescues, heists — for troupes caught in their webs. Scheming is a daily regimen for nobles, who spend inordinate amounts of time planning their latest move with panache and style. Priests use the Pancreator’s Grace as a bartering chip to access, ideological supremacy, and even sinecures to wealthy ministries. And don’t discount the merchants: whoever has the gold makes the rules, but whoever handles the gold can charge a hefty service fee. Since all these factions’ schemes often skirt the law, they often set up fall guys — independent troupes — to take the heat when things go wrong. Intrigues & Escapades unveils the conspiracy customs among nobles, priests, and merchants, showing how some are raised from birth to scheme while others learn from hard knocks. Presented are two detailed dramas involving troupes in such dirty dealings, along with a host of drama hooks that gamemasters can develop with their own twists.