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Fading Suns: Hard Times on Hargard

$ 32.99

High-Stakes Planet
Hargard is the newest jewel in Emperor Alexius’s crown — if he can pacify it. The local Vuldrok populace is divided between those loyal to their new Emperor and the rebellious thanes who seek to send the invaders back through the jumpgate. There is intrigue and conflict aplenty, from plots to unseat local rulers, heists against impossible odds, and secret artifacts of the Anunnaki. On Hargard, nothing is what it seems and everyone’s allegiances are tested.
Hard Times on Hargard provides gamemasters with a series of dramas set on the conflicted planet. Also included are traits for the alien nizdharim and detailed background on the Nalda Plateau, the rebel Vuldrok region of the planet, and its creatures.