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Fading Suns: Criticorum Discord

$ 34.95

Hints of Rebellion
Three dramas for Fading Suns provide the backdrop to the beginnings of an uprising in the Known Worlds. Repressed by humanity for generations, aliens see the rise of the new empire as their chance to finally stand up and be heard. Though not all agree on the methods of revolution. The al-Malik world of Criticorum is highlighted, with each drama occurring on the planet itself, or within the star system. New maps with descriptions of two of the largest cities on Criticorum are included as well, providing detailed locations that can be used long after the stories of this book are told. Each of the dramas are self-contained and capable of being run individually as a stand-alone addition to your own campaign, or all three run together can serve as the launching point for a new epic. Will the cadre support the position of the Phoenix Empire, sympathize with a fledgling rebellion, or will they find a new path to resolve the conflicts of these dramas? For use with Fading Suns Revised Edition.