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Eyrbyggja Saga Graphic Novel

$ 53.17

Eyrbyggja Saga brings together the lives of many notorious settlers from Iceland’s early days. It weaves together their life stories as they laugh, cry, fight, marry and murder one another. It is a turbulent time that ushers in the age of Christianity, but not before the land is cursed by witches, ghosts, berserkers and blood rain.

The original Icelandic saga has been adapted into a graphic novel by Professor Pfrenger (SagaThing podcast) and Andrew Valkauskas (author of the Illuminated Edda). Illustrations inked by the very talented Jonathan Burrello.

“The original saga feels like it was written by the Cohen Brothers (Fargo, The Big Lebowski) and has a strong vibe throughout as if it had been directed by Robert Rodriguez (From Dusk Till Dawn, El Mariachi).” – Andrew Valkauskas