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Experts v.3.5 (d20)

$ 24.95

Experts v.3.5 is a thoroughly updated, expanded, and revised version of Experts, Skirmisher Publishing's original tome dedicated to bringing new depth and playability to the Expert, the NPC class only briefly described in the DMG.

Feature of this book include:

* More than 30 fully detailed Expert types, including the Alchemist, Blacksmith, Courtesan, Merchant, Miner, Navigator, Physician, Sage, Sailor, and Weaponmaker.
* More than 100 new skills, including dozens of new Crafts and Professions and detailed rules for creation of everything from weapons and armor to buildings and ships.
* More than two dozen ready-to-use NPC Experts that can be used as-is or easily modified to suit any campaign or adventure.
* 22 new magic items.
* The Specialist, a new basic character class that players can use to create versatile "adventuring Experts" of any sort.
* The concept of Convergence Tasks, activities that can be accomplished as the result of having ranks in two or more skills (e.g., use of Craft (Blacksmithing) and Profession (Mining) to perform Smelting). These can allow characters to perform relatively specialized functions but does not inundate the game with obscure, rarely-used skills.
* A greatly expanded section of feats, many of which were introduced in the Skirmisher Publishing OGL adventure and sourcebook Tests of Skill.
* Updated and improved versions of the Guild Master and Militia Leader prestige classes, which have been enhanced to make them more appealing for use as both player- and non-player-characters.
* A new prestige class, the Spellcrafter, which can allow Experts, Specialists, and other characters to gain specialized magical abilities that they can use to enhance their mundane abilities. This prestige class replaces the skill-and-feat-based spellcasting system for Experts presented in the first edition of this book and is more in line with the canons of the OGL system.
* A new layout and many new or improved pieces of art.
* Flavor text from a number of literary sources that can help stimulate interest in the various sorts of Experts presented in this book, suggest how they might be used, or show them in a different light than usual.